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The course covers the basics of vulnerability management up to the advanced level of performing vulnerability scanning. It also covers the design, architecture, and deployment of the scanner. The course dives into detail about vulnerabilities and remediation. The course also includes a lab simulation of vulnerability management processes.

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Complete cyber security course

What Does Vulnerability Management Mean?

Vulnerability management is a security practice specifically designed to proactively prevent the exploitation of IT vulnerabilities that could potentially harm a system or organization. The practice involves identifying, classifying, mitigating and fixing known vulnerabilities within a system. It is an integral part of computer and network security and plays an important role in IT risk management.

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"It's been a wonderful experience with Socinfotech. The training curriculum is so well structured that it made it easy for me to crack interviews for higher positions. The trainer was extremely helpful in clearing doubts and revising the topics required. After placement too, he has been very supportive and I could get on well as this was quite a different work-life compared to my previous work life. I decided to upgrade my skills after 9+ years of experience in the same field. Luckily, with socinfotech, the information I got was very vast and the trainer seemed to have the best insights in this field. "

Naresh Wipro

"I refer anyone to SOCI Infotech who would like to start their career or upgrade their skills in Cyber Security. The complete Cyber Security course is very affordable and a vast ocean of knowledge. It’s a course made for everyone, so please go for it if you are wondering which to choose."

Lokesh Congnizant

"I want to thank the trainer from the bottom of my heart as I finally got placed as an Asst.Manager in a product-based company. Without Sir's support in the real-time scenarios and lab, I would never have achieved this small dream of mine to work in a product-based company."

Chandrasekhar Vodafone

"The Complete Cyber Security helped me a lot to understand the overall concepts in detail and helped me a lot in leading my team."

Hemanth G HCL

"I never liked physical training after college. Online training with practical exposure instead of theory was what I was looking for, and this is the right place for it. I am very happy with the team and their way of teaching. "

Divya Ford

“I never liked physical training post my college,online training with practical exposure instead of theory was what I was looking for,and this is the right place for it.I am verry happy with the team and their way of teaching"

Teja Tech Mahindra


Why Vulnerability Management ?

Encourage your entire organisation to safeguard against rising cyber security threats. Data is constantly at risk, and cyber security training will help you protect your property from being stolen or destroyed. Whether it's hardware, software, or electronic data, an understanding of best cyber security practices will help prevent any unwanted information disclosure or malicious cyber attacks.

How much time will it take to complete the course?

You would be proficient by the end of 1 month and can expect a package of 8 Lakhs Per Anum to 25 Lakhs Per Anum.

Who Can Join This Course

Entry- Seasoned IT Security Professionals ✓ New IT professionals ✓ IT Consultants ✓ IT Administrators ✓ Program Managers ✓ IT Decision Makers ✓ Program Directors ✓ Security Engineers ✓ Security Architects

Job Roles

Security Analyst , Information & Risk Management

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